eject CD/unmount iDisk - total hang of OS X!!

James Bond

When I eject a CD I now get spinning beach ball and total lock up of OSX - only power off works....even force quit cannot be done.

Same problem happens when I mount my iDisk and eject/unmount it.

Initially, I thought that the problem came from the installation of OS X 10.04 or Exile (Myst III) which I (stupidly , I know) installed at the same time but I have since uninstalled Exile and re-installed 10.0.0 and I get the same problem.

It does not seem to be a hardware problem since both operations can be performed without problem on OS 9.1.

Other clue that I have is that LaunchCFMA seems to use a lot of CPU most of the time....or is this normal?

Any clues as to how I can get back to a usable system?
I also get a similar hang when I try to unmount a DMG image.

This time, I had console open as well as terminal and I was able to kill the finder and the LaunchCFMG which unblocked the situation and I got the following in the console:

Jul 15 14:39:26 localhost WindowServer[55]: CGXDisableUpdate: Updates disabled by connection 0x3503 for over 1.000000 seconds

DOCK: CFMessagePortSendRequest returned -2
DOCK: CFMessagePortSendRequest returned -2
DOCK: CFMessagePortSendRequest returned -2
DOCK: CFMessagePortSendRequest returned -2
Jul 15 14:47:46 localhost autodiskmount[113]: DiskArbUnmountPreNotifyAck_async_rpc(pid = 276, diskIdentifier = 'disk2', errorCode = 0): no known client with this pid.

Jul 15 14:47:47 localhost loginwindow[271]: [NSBundle loadNibFile:path ...fails

Jul 15 14:47:57 localhost loginwindow[271]: Finder quit with exit status of 15

Jul 15 14:48:15 localhost WindowServer[55]: CGXOrderWindow: Invalid window 0
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I don't know this specific problem, but i just wanna say that OS X crashes rarely. What i mean : when your mac has a valid Ip number and you can connect an other mac with an IP number in the same range, start a telnet session (yepyep, it has to be enabled in file sharing...) and kill and reboot the finder

Does it for me