eject cdrom with a unix command


my public beta expired and is forcing me to boot with a final OSX cdrom. unfortunately, i left another CD in the CDROM drive and since the drive is motorized, i can't get the CD out without OSX! I can log in using console mode. So now i need to find out how i can eject the CD with a UNIX command. Can you guys help?
Find a paperclip and jam it into that title hole in your cd-rom drive a few times till u hit something hard, then push. Out comes your cd (this actully works)! But can't you just press the button on your cd-rom drive durring startup to eject the cd, or do you have one of those slotloading imacs that reqire a handy paperclip? you could always go look for your apple truble shooting booklet.... I remember seeing a key combo for ejecting disks durring startup.
That mouse button trick works even on the oldest of compact Macs, and it's saved me a trip to look for a paper clip many times.