Elements 3 - Process Multiple Files

Great feature if I can get it to work. What happens: at the process multiple files dialog box I select from the 1st pull down menu "import", i want to import from my epson 1660 scanner, then I select my scanner in the "from" drop down box (it's shows in black not grayed out) but it cannot be selected, it defaults to "PICT Resource...".

I've installed and reinstalled the latest version of epson driver. What's wrong? I need this feature.
Ah. I finally understand your question! (Remember me from the Volunteer/Tech forum?)

Import in Elements doesn't have to do with scanning multiple images, it has to do with importing images you've already scanned. That's why it's not working for you.

For scanning multiple images you need to find your scanner software that came with your sanner and use that. Then you can import those files using Elements.

Hope that helps…
Import scans. Take a look at the dialog box for process multiple scans. There are two options available 1) Import from Folder (allows you to choose files in a source folder), 2) Import from PICT resource which lists my scanner in the drop down menu and asks for a destination. I am certain that in the past I have used process multiple files to scan loads of files.

The Epson scan software does not have a process multiple scan functionality.