Emac Ati Graphics Combodrive Graphics 9.2.2


I just bought an eMac ATI, the last eMac that can boot into OS9, I installed Tiger and created a seperate small partition for OS9. however i didn't get the original software restore CDs. When I boot into OS9 a sort of compressed version of a 1024x768 screen is appear in a 640x480 area in the middle of my screen. Thinking this might be a need some special ATI drivers for the 7500 card that is installed, I purchased an emac restore cd set from someone on ebay for $10, and installed that version, but still no luck, same problem. If I go to the displays Control Panel there appear to be 2 monitors present, 640x480 and a 1024x768.

Any ideas, could this be a by product of the some previous owner installing the firmware hack that lets you use multiple monitors?

Should I zap p-ram or nv-ram?