eMac Display Problem



Well it isn't the usual display problem for CRT's with the dis colouration on the sides of the monitor. However this time when i fire up my mac, the screen seems to be really dark as though the Brightness has been adjusted, however when i get into the OS and restart - everything is as per normal.

One thing i haven't tried, is that maybe Tiger is resetting the Brightness levels and yeah when it happens if i change them back to normal - which i really highly doubt that is the problem.

Another thing is, from memory it used to happen sometimes in my old room which the comptuer was in, now it's coming into summer (well we are in spring) and its rather warmish - yeah and the mac is located right next to a window that is open at night. I doubt that would have anything to do with it, but then again like a Piano weather can affect things.

Oh well i hope there is a solution to it - i may consult the apple support site later. Thanks for your time guys. :)
I believe there might be a degaussing option in System Preferences under the Displays section. CHeck there and if it exists, then apply the degaussing and it should fix the discoloration.
I believe it degausses any time you turn on the monitor (from sleep or start) and there is no "force" degaussing option.