Emac - Monitor Problems


I have a 2003 eMac operating on OSX. I have always had it hooked up to a Belkin Surge Protector which also runs the phone line through it. No backup battery though.

A few weeks ago I heard a thunderstorm coming and shutdown my eMac and unplugged it from the wall - just to be safe. When I plugged back in later, the monitor would not come up but you could hear the computer boot up. I unplugged for a few days and it came back up upon restarting. But the moment I went to restart for any reason the monitor would not come back up although you could hear the computer rebooting.

I have replaced the internal battery and reset the PMU button. I have also repeated the process of unplugging and letting it sit idle for a day or so and the monitor always comes back up. But without fail if I restart or shutdown, the monitor will not come back up even thought the computer reboots.

I have also attempted to reload OSX but the instructions require that you restart after loading the disc which, as outlined above, does not work.

I have used mac's for about 6 years and can follow instructions about how to fix something as long as it does not involve a soldering iron or rewriting code.

I appreciate any help that you can offer - I'd rather not spend the $400 that Apple says it will cost to fix.
That is definitely a weird problem. Have you tried checking the Display settings by any chance? I'm guessing that maybe somehow the internal display isn't set as the primary display. Sounds crazy, but at this point, anything is possible.

BTW, did you have any ethernet or modem cables hooked to it when the storm passed? If so, it's possible that any lightning strike might have hit the Mac through the modem port (if on dialup) or through ethernet (if using broadband).
I will check the monitor settings - I'm pretty sure that I already looked at that but will check again.

The modem / phone line was hooked up through the Belkin Surge protector - if that somehow failed then that could be the possible cause of the problem.

Thanks for the advice.

If this does not work maybe I will just never restart it and use it that way. I am sure not going to fork over $400.