emac printer woes

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Hello all,

I have a problem that you might find easy to solve…I hope!

A friend of mine runs an emac 800mhz with 256mb Ram, running OSX 10.2.
She recently attached a new printer (Hp 7700 series), which refuses to print in applications such as Word and text edit. It will allow her to print test pages, but as soon as she goes to print from anything else she either gets the print que box come up with no response from the printer or a dialoge box pops up and informs her that no printer is present - or word to that effect.

All help is much appreciated.
Many thanks
You can't print just because you plug in a printer and turn it on. I think that your friend needs to Add the printer in Printer Setup Utility.
'HP 7700 series' says nothing, considering the series consists of: HP Photosmart 7755, HP Photosmart 7760, HP Photosmart 7760v, HP Photosmart 7760w, HP Photosmart 7762, and HP Photosmart 7762w. Notice the use of the actual product's name?

Go to the '/Applications/Utilities' folder and launch 'Print Center'. See if the 'HP Photosmart 77??' is listed and can be installed. If not ...

... luckily, for your 'friend', that all the above model HP printers use the same driver. Download the driver, and install it via the 'Print Center' Utility.