Emagic Logic 5.5.1 Osx Core Audio Crash

Please Sirs,

I am using a completely legit copy of Logic 5.5.1 on my Dual 1ghz G4 Power PC (digi-002r for audio out) for almost 6 months. While loading a Plug-in (that I have since deleted temporarily) Logic "unexpectedly quit".

Logic then began crashing on startup, while "Initializing Core audio (counting audio Units)". Every time...

After researching, I deleted the Emagic.preference file... that allowed me to actually load logic. However, when i go to audio hardware devices to select my audio driver (core audio>Digidesign 002) then (re)launch the program "Unexpectedly quits"... By now it is not 'unexpected' at all.

I also tried moving the plug-in folder to a separate location so logic would see any components, etc... Still nothing. Crash city...

The ultimately weirdest thing of all is that Itunes runs fine using Core Audio, as does pro tools. Emagic Logic platinum 5.5.1 with xskey dongle is the only prog not working... and emagic no longer has sales support...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help if at all possible,

D Mischevi