Email and attachments


So I'm trying to send screenshots as attachments in emails to friends who are curious to the MacOS Xpb desktop.

Problem is, and I was curious to if anyone else encountered it, that when I go to attach the .tiff files to the Mail app, it says it sends the email, but doesn't (I've sent to several other email accounts to test). When I try to attach .rtf files, it will send the email, but there's a line that says: "Attachment missing" on the recieving end.

Neither does attempting to upload .tiff files into IE web emailers work, as the page times out. However, I am able to upload .rtf files and successfully email those out and recieve those.

It's crazy!

Anyone have any ideas/solutions?
I have had this same problem with sending an rtf file. If I sent it to a hotmail account, it will say <attachment missing> at the bottom of the message. However, if I send it back to my account, it will show up.

Any fixes for this? maybe I just need to find another e-mail client...