Email app problem, it keeps downloading email forever & cannot quit


Dear everyone,
this is my forst post here, and unfortuantely is not for good news.
I have been using the mail app that comes with OSX, is nice, some cool features.
But recently everytime that I open the application it starts downloading email and it keeps doing it forever! it doesn't stop!! and if I try to quit the app I cannot do it from the menu, I can only force quit it.
has enybody have this experience? any clue?.
Any help will be appreciate it.

When you say "downloading forever", that seems a bit vague to me... forever is a long time, after all...
Let me ask you this:
Is it actually downloading file after file after file?
Like, somebody sent you a thousand messages?
or, does it seem to be just attempting to connect and login, without success?
The best way to solve this is to step back and be descriptive. Not too be too blunt, sorry... but without more detail it will be hard to know what to tell you.

Possible problems, and thier "cause--effect":

not connecting -- could be a problem with the account setup, or your network settings, do you have web access? if yes, then check your other settings, such as the login and pass for the e-mail account. Make sure that everything is right, then check it again.

downloading forever -- somebody set us up the bomb! mail-bomb, that is... make sure you haven't subscribed to some silly e-mail newsgroup that sends you hundreds of e-mails per hour or more. That's nasty stuff when you can't keep it under control.

Try connecting to the e-mail account with a different tool.
This will narrow down the possibilities.
If it goes away, then something is not right with Apple Mail.
If you see the same thing happening, then it's an issue with either your settings or the account.

Hope that helps!

Hi Anton,
thanks for your reply and I am sorry for being so vague, i will explain in more detail.

1.- I have an internet connection while openning the mail app
2.- I can actually download and send e-mail through the app BUT instead of the mail app to check for new e-mail every 5min (my set up) it tries to receive and send email nonstop (the rotating arrow icon indicates this).
3.- When I select QUIT from the menu it doesn't quit I have to Force quit ALWAYS.
4.- I have tried to send and receive email in another app (OS9) and is fine.
5.- This happened after I updated OSX to version 10.0.4

I wonder if anybody has experience this as well.
Of course I know that if somebody sends a HUGE email it takes a long time for the mail app to download but as I said i can send and receive e-mail but if I have the mail app open (and with the problems i listed above) mac OSX is very slow, and my net surfing slows down as well.

thanks, all comments will be appreciated
hey - I hope I didn't seem to harsh on that first post.
it's been a wierd day.
anyway.... thanks for the details! I see your problem now.
I've personally never seen this type of issue before, but there may be a couple of things we can try out here:
Try setting the "check every 5 minutes" up to maybe 20-30 minutes.. just to see if it even registers anything different.
Try deleting the account, then re-entering the account as new settings.

My 2 cents: if Mail doesn't work for you, then I wouldn't spend too much time with it unless you *really* like it. I'm using Eudora in Classic, and getting great results.

I wrote 'Eudora'
and I really meant to type 'Entourage'!
Jeeez... I'm tired.

Ok.... Eudora is written for os X, but I don't care for the interface, but try it anyway... you never know.
and Entourage is the big brother to Outlook Express.
Not yet native for X.... :( but soon (hopefully):)