Email Client Problems


What email clients do you use? I am trying to find a STABLE client for MacOSX.

So far I have tried

Mail - the generic mail client that comes with OSX (and it keeps locking me out of my own mailboxes by claiming they are owned by someone else even though I am the only user EVER on that computer).
Eudora - it is what i am using right now. Although it has TCPIP errors all the time and I have to restart it manually all the time.

and just about any other that I have been able to find at

Any ideas/suggestions on a good client to use? As sad as this sounds, the best client I have used to date is Entourage for os9, but its not for osX yet, so what can i do.... I am trying to avoid paying any $$$ for a simple email client that can check 4 pop accounts...