Email to Aol


Is there any special way to send photos with Mail to an AOL user.
A friend I have sent a photo to is having problems viewing it. I sent it .jpg format just the way I always do when I am sending photos as attachments to other people who are not AOL users.
I never have any trouble with any of them.
As a test, I sent a small JPEG file as an attachment from my primary account via Mail to my AOL account. No fuss, no muss. The picture arrived in glorious shape as viewed in my AOL MacOS X client. I have yet to test this with the AOL Windows client, but you can rest assured that your problem is not generic to Apple Mail.
I have now tested receipt of my JPEG from Mail using the AOL 9.0 Windows client. To say it looks great might be an overstatement, but the picture is most certainly not corrupt. The MacOS X 10.4.2 version of Mail works fine. The AOL 9.0 Security Edition Windows client works fine. You are going to have to find another cause for the problems your friends are having receiving pictures from you.
Well I certainly would like to thank you MisterMe for taking the time to check it out for me I very much appreciate it.
Try zipping the file, or use Always send Windows Friendly Attachments in Mail.
Thanks bobw I was looking for something like that Windows Friendly thing in preferences but didn' t find it. I had given up on it but now after getting your message I did another search and finally found it.
Thanks a lot I will try it out and see if it makes a difference.