Emails In Customized Folders Lost During Copy


I had a pretty large database with e-mails going back several years and various custom folders I had created to sort them. I was using Entourage for OSX in 10.2.8. When I upgraded to 10.4, I copied my whole Mac HD onto a FW hard disk, including my Entourage database. Then I installed Entourage (perhaps a slightly newer version, this is 10.0.0) and copied my old database into the Documents folder so that Entourage would open it. It opens and all the custom folders are there, but they're all empty. Only the standard folders (deleted, sent, etc.) have messages in them. I even looked for certain messages by their title, thinking they may have gotten re-assigned into another folder. No luck. Finally, I tried doing a typical rebuild of the database. No help.

Please tell me if I can recover the messages in those custom-created folders I had - this is my most important stuff!