embarrisingly newbie FTP question


I'm FTPing some files via the terminal. It all seems to work except "lls" is not recognized as a command. I was under the impression that this would be the local version of ls. lcd works just fine and just ls works correctly (lists the files in the current directory on the remote side).

So, am I doing something wrong? how am I supposed to see what files I'm working with on the local side?

This is one of those little Unix tricks you can use to impress people at parties...or maybe not.

Anyway, ftp supports the ! command (also supported in some other command-line apps) which tells ftp to run an external command; so to do an ls of where your ftp is currently, simply do,


and it'll show files in ftp's current local directory. You can also pass ls flags to it as well, if you need to see sizes,

!ls -l