EMERGENCY! Classic Environment Prob


I just got os x beta installed tonight, everything went smoothly... but i am having a problem when i try to launch apps in the classic environment..

If i double click a classic app, like outlook express, or sound jam, photoshop, etc... the app will look like its starting up, going through the start up window of that particular app, etc... but then right after the start up splash window is done, the app will just quit...
all windows for that app disappear..
I dont get it.. i cant get anything to launch..
the only app that did launch was simple text!! ???

Here is my configuration:
G4 350
10 gig HD (4 gigs available)

PLease Help!!!!
I cant check my email or anything until i get this fixed.. i never expected this big of prob.. i hope its something simple.

thanks :)
Try restarting with 9 as the startup disk,then in 9 restart with X as the startup disk.This might help it did for me,I don't know why.Classic was horribly buggy for me at first,then it began to settle down.
I had the same problem at first because the Install copies you OS9 System folder. But, your old folder has extensions that are not valid in the Classic Environment. Boot to OS9. Use extension manager to activate only the OS9 extensions and the Classic Compatability extensions. Then reboot to OSX. Try something simple like SimpleText. If the environment does not hang, most likely Photoshop wont either.