end version of OS 9:9.5?


I have heard that the last version Apple will distribute is 9.5. After this version, we only can use OS X. Is it true? I still think that OS 9 has a lot of advanced features, which are missing in OS X. Although OS X gives us the stable, in future, maybe it gives us the speed, OS X is still not good for personal use. I don't know why OS 9 has only 32MB and can give us a lot of advanced feature, but OS X is 1GB and can't fullfil us.


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You have to keep in mind that OS X is not the same, or even related to OS 9. It's a whole different beast and thus cannot be expected to continue on with the "traditions" lain forth by OS 9 (and its predecessors). Eventually we will get those features back, and with interest.

My main system is still OS 9 for a few reasons.
No DVD on OS X
No Data CDs on OS X
No Greek on OS X

I can live with running classic for classic apps like photoshop and final cut that I use, but I can't stand it if I cannot type accented greek characters when I type in greek (which is quite often)....

I hope I get full greek support in 10.1 :)



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I think the only changes 9 is going to see from now on will be to improve Classic. It just doesn't make any sense to do anyting else on an OS that's already over.