endless finder


problem: login into X.1. accepts password fine. background image comes up. Login says logging in. spinny bar spins endlessly. hd spins and spins and spins. So i pop open the Kill window. wow. there's the finder. cool. wait there's another one. and another.

so basically I login in and everything seems to work fine except that I never get to my user account and the finder just keeps loading. I can't kill it.
i never get a dock. i don't even get the menu bar though sometimes i get the clock (drop down works but won't open control panel), volume control (which works fine) and the internet connect (drop down works, no control panel access).

last thing i did was try to burn a cd image. g3/266 dt a/v. x.1 zipcd usb burner. everythign seemed to work. but the disc burner kept ending with error 999. basically i got three coasters. shutdown went fine. rebooted the next day to endless finders.

help. thanks