Energy Saver Schedule Will Not Save Settings


I have an interesting situation. I have an iMac 17", 1ghz, 160 gig machine running 10.3.9 that recently had a hard drive and logic board replaced.

Now energy saver will not save the schedule I set. I want start up weekdays at 9AM. It reverts back to everyday at 9AM.

I have set the setting I want both in my user account and in my troubleshooting account. The only other user on this machine. I reset the PRAM (3 chimes), trashed " and and have repaired permissions repeatedly. (BTW, always get the same 5 repairs.)

I read a previous post here that was similar to my situation and understand that perhaps my hard drive may not be set to master. How can I confirm this?

Not sure what else to try. Thanks in advance for helping out.