Enlish, and U.S. English what's the difference under OS X?


Hey, Look!
Under the International pane in Sys Prefs, There's a list of languages, and next to it there's a button that allows you to edit the list...

One of the options of language is U.S. English...

What's the difference between that and the normal, default English?? Is it less formal or something, or is full of slang terms? Or is it exactly the same??

Wouldn't it be cool if it was like this?

Letter from Bill Gates, Re: Windows Brooklyn Locale
I saw this about a week ago, and was confused, too, since I don't remember there being an option originally. I know that Apple was planning on combining US English and UK English, but I don't know if this is Apple backing away on that. English seems to pretty much be US English.
OK, now I can understand having two different versions of English but four???

English, Australian English, British English, and US English...

And I bet there's no difference between all four...:D

Can someone PLEASE explain this craziness to me???

And then people are complaining that Apple hasn't included enough languages... I think they put too much effort into English languages...

And I'd still like someone to explain all this nonsense to me... ;)
There are different versions of English because different English-speaking countries do indeed have noticeable differences in spelling, grammer and sentence structure, despite the fact that we all speak "English". As an example, there are 125 different dialects of Chinese, and Chinese people from one region may have difficulty understanding someone from another region. I understand most Germans from central Germany, but when I met some long lost relatives from northern Germany, I didn't have a clue as to what they were talking about, and had to have my central German relatives translate, even though it's still German.
Those settings are really only stubs. They're used when you start an application to pick which localised resources to use. I don't think any applications, Apple or otherwise, have any English resources other than English. I've set Australian to be first but so far no application seems to be using that so it drops back to my second choice, English. My advice is to put your actual Language first and put English second. Can't do any harm and you never know, someone, someday may use it!