Entourage 2004 Service Pack 2 Upgrade Blues


I just installed Service Crap 2 for MS Office 2004.
Now when I launch Entourage, it won't retrieve my Pop3 account mail. It looks like it sucessfully logs on, but when it goes to retrieve the mail, it permenantly sits there doing (what looks like) nothing.
I hate entourage.


I'm going through the same thing :( .... it's funny but i installed the same update for windows and my firewall was blocking the access to the internet, once i allowed outlook to access the internet the pop accounts were able to retrieve mail from the server. i wonder if there's a way to fix that for entourage :|


well, at least now I get Read receipts in my Entourage... although I still have to write the mail in Outlook if I want to receive it!
And Delegate access still doesn't work - seems we need to install an update on the windows server...
But at least now I don't have to open Outlook to check folder sizes... big improvement...