Entourage 2004 Version 11.1.0


Hello. I have the entourage spam filter on my personal email address set to exclusive so that I should only be receiving email from the addresses listed in my address book, yet I get dozens of junk emails every day and nothing gets directed to the junk email folder. (I've tried it on high, as well, and it doesn't work there either.) I've tried deleting the junk mail without opening first, but that doesn't seem to stop it. Lately, I've been clicking on each piece of junk (thereby opening it) and marking it as 'junk mail' under MESSAGE on the menu. It then goes into the junk mail folder, and although that is supposed to prevent the address from appearing in my mail manager list, the address still appears there. Then I have to go through the process of adding/deleting all the junk email addresses in the mail manager address list. It's taking me more time to deal with the junk than with my real mail! The entourage span filter on my business email address is set on HIGH, and works slightly better, though it lets through more junk than it catches. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I'm using MAC OSX 10.2.6 and entourage 2004 11.1.0
Where to begin?

If you are going to run MacOS X 10.2, you should at least upgrade it to the most recent version. Software Update will do that for you.

As for your problems with Entourage 2004, my best advice is to use MacOS X Mail. The only reason that anyone should use Entourage is for M$ Exchange compatibility. However, Entourage is no more compatible with Exchange than Apple's Mail 2.0/Address Book/iCal, which ships with MacOS X 10.4. What is more, Entourage exhibits strange stealth behavior. If I didn't run Mail in parallel with Entourage, I would have no idea of the strange things that it does. For me, Entourage hides some of my messages even though they are on the Exchange server for every other mail client to see. For you, Entourage's SPAM filters are on vacation for no apparent reason.

My best advice is to drop Entourage like a bad habit and use Mail (or anything else) instead.
Silly question, eblou but which Address Book are you using? I just had a look at v.X and it has an Entourage address book that is separate from my os x address book. Maybe dumping Entourage is overkill?
I'm using the entourage address book. Entourage was set up for me, and the thought of changing to another mail software is daunting. I'm no techie. Entourage works fine in all other respects, but if the junk keeps piling up, I may be forced to dump it. Or perhaps just set up a new email address? And as MisterMe suggests, I will update OSX. Thanks for your help!
Yes, all my addresses are in my entourage address book. Far as I know, that's the only address book I have. Though it's a little more complicated than that. I have an entourage address book with only those addresses I entered there. With entourage junk filter set to Exclusive, only mail from those specific addresses is supposed to get through, while all other mail goes to the junk folder. (But, of course, that's not happening.) There's also an automatic 'mailing list' with entourage, one that comes up when you enter the first few letters of your addressee in the 'to' field. That list contains all the addresses in your addres book, PLUS the addresses of all other email you receive. Including junk mail addresses. I thought if I cleaned that out on a regular basis, the junk would stop. But it didn't. The Entourage junk mail filter simply isn't working at all. I'd just like to understand why and fix if possible. I'm holding off on paying microsoft for a diagnosis, and hoping there'll be an update to Entourage that will bring some relief.