Entourage and Exchange - I don't get it!


Please tell me why I seem to have gone backwards about 10 years when migrating to Entourage X from Outlook 2003 with Exchange server.

I really need to know if I have just set this up wrong because my mac users are having trouble daily!

I have a large PC environment with a few macs here and they are for Art production.

I have TWO main problems stemming from a difference in Outlook and Entourage.

1) When I set up the exchange account info in Entourage, it schedules mail updates from my exchange server like a remote e-mail program. Why doesn't it just look at the exchange data on the server where it sits and leave it alone like Outlook? It doesn't really need to move it to read it does it?

2) When my users open Entourage, it prompts them to log in with their echange account credentials. If the associate enters the wrong password, Entourage opens anyway and never tells them...It also never downloads any e-mail! We miss a lot of important requests. Also, when we do establish a connection again, the letters in the outbox that never went...have to be manually sent on their way. It doesn't just read the date and figure out that it never got sent?

How do I make this program behave like Outlook. We never had to have all of this manual interaction before?

Please help if you can. My macs on OS9 and Outlook live peacefully every day.


Entourage is POO! I could use lots of other words to describe this product, but for today I wont.

You're better off using the built in Mail application if you have Tiger.

Have a look at this webpage http://www.entourage.mvps.org/error/page.html#error114 the guy who wrote the app maintains this site.

The good news is MS have promised us better Exchange support in the next service pack but we wont see that for a good few months, my guess is the end of this year.

Public Calendars don't work in Entourage you have duplication problems.

As usual a crippled MS application on the MAC.
Also check out Mactechs sampler PDF it has an interesting article on Entourage and Exchange servers.