Entourage And Exchange Server


Just wondering if anyone has come across this before.

We use MS Exchange Server 2000 with OWA enabled. Most of our office uses Outlook (PCs with XP) while our graphic department uses Entourage (MACs with OS X).

Entourage was setup to connect to the Exchange server using the OWA http address: (i.e.: http://servername/exchange/mailacct).

However, we recently changed OWA from a default port of 80 to port 8080 to allow external connection to some PocketPC Phones.

Since this change we haven't been able to get Entourage to connect to Exchange.

But, the MACs can still access OWA via Internet Explorer at the new address (i.e.: http://servername:8080/exchange/mailacct).

We've tried configuring Entourage with the new address (as above) but Entourage still won't connect to the Exchange server.

Does anyone know of any further settings needed to get Entourage talking to Exchange again?

Any help is appreciated.