Entourage And Imap


What would cause Entourage 2004 to show the list of folders in an IMAP account, including the number of unread messages in those folders, but not show any of the messages themselves?

I used Entourage v.X for a couple of years with this IMAP account with no hint of this problem. However, when I installed Office 2004, this problem surfaced and I have not been able to come up with a reason or solution.

All of my folders appear correctly in the folder list on the left; however, when a folder is clicked, the message "There are no messages in this folder" appears where the list of messages would be. This is true for all folders.

All than this, Entourage works fine--I can send messages, receive messages (but I can't see them), use the calendar, to-do list, etc.


--Pete Chien
Chief Libn for Automation
Jervis Public Library


On each of the imap folders you are subscribed to, control click and subscribe again after upgrading or updating. Then hit Send & Receive and see if your folders are getting your mesages. I also like to have the process window open to see if entourage is actually doing anything.


Go to Tools > Account. Click the "Options" tab. Put a checkmark in the box at the very bottom that says "Check for unread messages in subcribed folders." That did the trick. I don't know how that box got unchecked, but apparently it did, and that's what the problem was. Good luck!