entourage dramas


recently i've developed a small drama with entourage 04. i've found similar problems queried here before but so far they've been not applicable to me..

most of my inbox has turned to a grey striped area and i can only view a few e-mails at a time. sometimes (but not every time) if I click on the grey area the message behind it is exposed but i can't open it before a message box with "error 4362" pops up, after you have clicked on the area once then anytime you go anywhere near the grey area with the cursor the error message pops up.

entourage as of yet hasn't shut down on me although i have had to force quit due to the error box popping up continually.

i've tried deleting the e-mail in the list which is immediatly above the accursed grey zone and it brings up the error message again.

the only thing i have changed about my system is adding a 1GB RAM upgrade.(originally G4 1GHz 256RAM Panther 10.3.9)

any help is appreciated, "error 4362" is gettin old fast!