Entourage Error 17982 - the Server Does Not Support Secure Connections


I just purchased the MAC X system and loaded up Microsoft Office. The entourage receives emails ok via pop mail configuration. However, I am not able to send mails though. I tried both secure and non-secure connections and no luck. Please help...

There are tons of emails all over the internet regarding error codes 17982 & 17092. I am having the same issues. I am getting an error message when trying to send e-mails from Entourage on the Mac. While I see many people posting problems, over the past few years, I do not ever see a solution posted?? Seems like it is a Microsoft problem..... figures......

Has anyone ever been able to fix this? Like my problem, it has just come out of no where??? So odd. I have tried turning off SSL, etc.??? In fact I have everything turned off? Any ideas anyone? Thanks! I appreciate your help!!
It worked for me when I changed the SMTP port to 465 in the advanced settings. Select 'Override SMTP Port' and change the value to 465.