Entourage, importing mail from Apple Mail



I recently started using Entourage 2004 after a few years of Apple Mail (2.1.3) on OS X 10.4.11. My Mail inbox contains 8000 emails that I would like to move to Entourage.

The Import option from Entourage's file menu imports an empty folder in a split second after I select "Import from another program->Apple Mail".

I tried saving multiple emails from my inbox with "Save as..." in all three formats: Rich Text, Plain Text and Raw Source and I couldn't import any of those. I tried dragging a folder from Mail to desktop (creates an .mbox folder with individual emails inside) and importing + drag & drop didn't work in Entourage.

Is there any way to do move your emails from Mail to Entourage?

Are all your contacts automatically added to Entourage's address book when you import emails?