Entourage Problem


Hi All

We have very strange problem in Entourage X.last week when i working in Entourage it suddenly crashes, and when i reopen the Entourage all mail folders & subfolders are present but in that no mail's are there.i had copy the backup to the another system & try to recover the mail in that system but no use.its database size is showing same size as it before crash.my question is it possible to recover my folders & subfolders mail.

have you got an ipod???

well if you have put Entourage on it delete it off your computer and drag it back on to your computer it should work

if no ipod burn it to dvd and do the same
Try Rebuilding;

Hold down the Option key and re-launch the application.
In a few seconds, you'll be greeted with a dialogue box asking if you want the "Typical Rebuild" or the "Advanced Rebuild." Choose "Typical."
i had tried both rebuild option.but no use.if i place that database to any test account,
it gives preferences could not be opened error.