Entourage Problems!


I have been using a MAC ibook since March after using a pc for years. I installed the microsoft entourage and other programs and have been having on and off problems ever since specifically with entourage. It freezes and crashes all the time. I lose a lot of information and emails as I stare at the rainbow dial spin. Then luckily I find a random site and follow the instructions and it comes back. However, this time was different. The program spun and crashed and force quit the application. Now I am back up and running, but I can't seem to find my contacts. I have looked in the trash folder, but can't find it? What is the name of the file I should be looking for and then how do I bring it back from the dead and reinstall it into my entourage set up. Lastly, is there any way to prevent these problems from reoccuring. Thank you for your help in advance as I am near the edge with this program, computer, et al.