Entourage Rules On Sp2 Broken

Sydney Bristo

Since SP2 my rules do not work. Before this I had 30 rules that functioned perfectly.

I have done the following:
1. rebuild database
2. deleted and recreated categories
3. deleted and recreated rules.
4. I deleted rules from user date
5. I checked to see that no rules were cancelling out other rules.

I am the lone mac on exchange 2000.

This is what my mail does.
1. it arrives in the exchange mailbox and goes directly to the Onmy Computer mailbox.
2. it ignores all rules created on the exchange tab in RULES.
3. it ignores rules created under IMAP tab
4. It will do rules if created under outgoing tab or POP tab
3. When in On my Computer Inbox the file has the server green wires icon and I cannot get it to go away.
4. if I look at my account through Outlook online the mail is not in the inbox.
5. If I look at the summary of storage capacity it shows mail storage quantity in the inbox.

Thanks for any help!
I have a similar issue, but have always had it...
Emails (from randomly selected users apparently) landing in my Inbox (Exchange) seem to move to my local (HD) inbox without asking