Entourage time stamp - MY TIME ZONE IS CORRECT!


Hello all!
I would like to know if anyone here knows the answer to this problem.

I and many others on my network are running the newest version of Entourage 2004 sp2. The date and time on each machine is set to sync automatically to "Apple Americas/U.S. (time.apple.com)" The time zone on every computer is set to "Boston -U.S.A" The time is correct.

When I send an email to someone, it shows that they received it ONE HOUR OFF of when it was actually sent. I know there is no actual one hour delay, since I have tested sending an email to my co-worker in the same room, and she received in in a matter of seconds, and the time was one hour off.

I know that under Preferences, Calendar, you can set the time zone in Entourage, and that is also set to eastern time zone.

Why would this be occuring? Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help as it is very annoying.

One last note, we are on an EXCHANGE server. This is a college, and we use exchange for our email.