Entourage X Database Error



Running three MAC OSX XServes. One is the Open Directory Master, One is an Open Directory Replica with Home Folders, One is the Mail Server. The home folders and Mail store are located on an XRaid system. Clients are running OSX 10.3.9 with MS Office V. x with Entourage setup to use IMAP only. Users do not have local accounts on machines. Microsoft Identity folder is located on home folder on file server.


Today clients were kicked off the network. Checking logs the password server had an error synchronizing. This has happened in the past. Shutdown and restarted the file server. The other two servers were left alone.


All clients that had entourage open when the file server was rebooted now get an error when opening up entourage stating the database needs to be rebuilt. However, when trying this I get a permissions denied error. Following all articles I can find on the Web and resetting permissions, still get permissions denied error.

I am stumped?