Entourage X & Palm


Anyone know if Entourage X will be able to handle Palm Handhelds? I like using Entourage 2001 w/ my palm, but if it can't sync with X, is it worth using?
I would imagine that if it was made to sync with Palms in 9 it would be made to sync with them in X. Don't take my word for it though, I'm gonna hold out until the actual Palm desktop is released for X.
Any idea when Palm will get off their fannies and carbonize the Palm OS? Waiting until Nov for Entourage X is going to drive me nuts. In order to sync, I need to startup in 9.2 and sync with the palm desktop, then I need to import that data into Entourage 2001 SE (no direct syncing since I was a cheapskate and bought the word/entourage bundle) This is a big royal pain in the a$$.

How many handspring users out there are also Mac users? How about palm users? can't both groups put pressure on palm to get moving? No. because it is next to impossible to find an email address to contact Palm Inc on their website!

Ugh, I am frustrated and have to go to work and sync with my Dell laptop. this sucks.

(really like 10.1 since I installed it last night-Entourage X will mean no more Classic for me though!)