I have set up entourage (version 10.1.4) to the best of my ability. I am able to send emails. I am not able to recieve them.

I have sbcglobal.net as my provider.
I have set up with them.
They say there should be no problem recieving.
When I send an email to myself from entourage it ends up in my sbcglobal account.

I want to use entourage...

If you search this forum, you will find that lots of users have problems with Entourage. Entourage 2004 is an improvement over Entourage v.X which you have, but not by much. MacOS X Mail gives ever so much less trouble. Don't like Mail? Try Eudora, Thunderbird, or any of the myriad other alternatives. Any of them will cause fewer problems than Entourage. As for your particular problem, it seems as though you may not have set up the SMTP server for your account. No matter which email client that you use, you cannot send without a proper SMTP server.
I'll agree with MisterMe – Entourage is a pain to use and a one-way street to proprietary file formats and address book formats. Microsoft can't even be bothered to implement all the features of Windows Outlook – for example, you cannot insert a hyperlink into an email – how crazy is that? :mad:
The latest version of Apple Mail (v2.0.3) is easy to use and features some really useful stuff, like threads (groups all the mails on a subject).
Your receiving problem is probably due to a set-up problem with the POP server in Entourage (not SMTP, Misterme, which is for sending). Go to 'Tools', 'Accounts', click your account name and check the 'Receiving Mail' details, which should be the same as in your older mail client.