i have updated my office 2004 with service pack 2.

now entourage is not working anymore, when i open it, it freezes and the beachball keeps rolling.

can i retrieve the emails previously in entourage?

can i fix this or should i reinstall office completely?

i am not a experienced user, but i know more or less how to do things.

many thanks and congratulations for your excellent website.



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One possible solution is to trash the plist associated with Entourage. If you are using Tiger, search with spotlight for Entourage Plist. The files are located as follows:


Trash these two files while Entourage is not running, and empty the trash. Some people prefer to log out and back in, and then start Entourage to see if you get the functionality back you want.


The Late: SuperMacMod
Try holding down the shift key during launch to prevent startup schedules from starting. Also, disconnect any networks you have to make sure Entourage isn't trying to get out to the network.

Try Rebuilding Your Database
Hold down the Option key and re-launch the application.
In a few seconds, you'll be greeted with the new Entourage 2004 Database Utility.