Entourage_Tiger_Exchange Issues


I have been having problems since installing tiger. Entourage will only allow me to log in once and then I get a "reenter your email password" over and over until I cancel. All synch operations perform perfectly as do my calendar, notes, etc. Entourage does not lock me out of those but it does email.

I CAN use OWA with no problem. The web is ablaze with similar issues and, in fact the same issue. So far, I have had no luck finding a solution. Even our system engineer is stumped.

I've change my account and pointed it directly to the exchange server which is, of course, essentially the OWA way in. No change..still have the problem.

Reinstalled my office software. No luck.
Deleted my exchange account and recreated. No luck.
Rebuilt the Entourage database. No luck
Forced password to be "saved". No luck
Worked with key chain extensively. No luck

Interestingly, no one else in our department is suffering from the problem and we are all running Tiger 10.4.2. Someone got an answer.