Epson 850, Beige G3 OSX printing


My OS X is in the mail, according to Apple. However, I was wondering if there will be a feasible way for me to print to my inkjet. I have an officially support model for OS X (Beige Desktop G3), and an Epson 850 printer. This printer connects via a SERIAL connection and not through USB, and it's not on the recently posted list of printers that are on the OS X CD (see ).

Would anyone have an idea whether or not Epson ever intends to update their 850 drivers for OS X?

One thing that I've been thinking about doing is getting a USB adapter for this printer which plugs into the PC Centronics port, and then try to use the Epson 860 driver with it, but this is a longshot (the 860 is very similar to the 850, except that it uses USB rather than serial as its connection). I have a USB/Firewire PCI card already in my G3 so a USB connection is no problem (it's an Orange Micro card so I hope it will work).

Any assistance with this printer driver problem would be much appreciated.
- Steve
Espons has released drivers for OS X today.. They are available in your iDisk
I don't know if this helps or not..

Unfortuntately, as I mentioned in my original post, my particular Epson printer is not on the list of drivers available now for OS X.
Also, I know that the Epson 850 (and its cousins the 800 and 1520) are very popular printers, so I'm looking for a bit of feedback on whether there is anyway workaround for printing with OS X.