Epson Printers


Does anyone know if there is native OS X support for Epson 740i pritners? I want to make sure I can print from OS X and Classic. THanks.
OS X will ship with built in drivers for over 45 popular printers - I'm sure your epson is included, it's one of the most popular models.
Has anyone got the actual list? Because I fear my stylus color 600 wont be included, especialy considering its a serial printer connected to my iMac via an adaptater. TIA,

I have a Color Stylus 740 (USB connection) and it works just fine with OSX Final.

I don't think there's any important difference between the 740 and 740i.

The Stylus Color 600 is <i>not</i> included; nor has Epson made any promises about supporting it. I had assumed that it was a fairly popular model, but I guess it's "too old" now...