Epson Scanner Working!


Frantic Messenger of Hope
Here's a nice surprise - booted Classic from my main HD, not my stripped down version, with all extensions and what not. It loaded up fine, a few things told me they wouldn't work, but no crashes...

And almost unbelievabaly, my Epson Perfection 610 USB scanner works like a charm through Photoshop running in Classic.

As of right now, with a G3 350, 384MB RAM, I'm running the Sys Prefs app, iTunes, Mail, IE5.1, OpenUp, ProcessViewer, Terminal, Stuffit, and then in CLASSIC, I have AI9, PS5.5, and Anarchie going, along with 3 Terminal shells ftp'ing across the universe.

MY MACHINE IS RUNNING FLAWLESSLY. When does Apple plan on taking over the world again?

And as a side note, running Anarchie under Classic as opposed to booting into 9.1, gives me transfer rates of up to 3 or 4 times FASTER on some servers. Web pages also load like nobody's business, especially in OmniWeb.

I'm stunned ... As soon as I can watch DVDs I'll never boot into 9.1 again!