Epson Stylusphoto 1290 & Os 10.3.9


Hi, I'm new to Macs and I can't get my printer to work in Photoshop CS.
Firstly, it wouldn't let me remove the borders when printing. I contacted Epson and they suggested removing all Epson drivers from my mac and re-installing them again.
I did this and now I can't get anything!!! Epson suggested buying a new lead as mine was over 1.8m in length.
£15 later... still no drivers!!! It works great on my PC, but I have to burn DVD's on my mac and then stick them in my PC to print them out, after twiddling for hours with the colours and numerous sheets of paper and ink - to get a reasonable print!!! Not v. cost effective.
I've gone into printer set up utility after reinstalling everything, but it can't see anything/nowt/zilch.
Any ideas, anyone???
I'm losing money - and Epson are gaining more in my ink and paper wastage!!!