erroneous 5002 network error?

David Devore

I am on an ethernet that connects to a microsoft departmental server.
When connecting to the aps file server I get a 5002 error which is specified as an apple connection utility on the server failing. However there are other OSX machines that connect to the same server. I do not have problems connecting elsewhere, or even to that same server using other protocols like FTP or HTTP.

Short of reinstalling we have run out of ideas. Any suggestions??

I just started getting this problem on 2 different G4's running 10.2.1. We get -5002 error when trying to connect to a Windows 2000 Advanced Server (via Appletalk) box that hasn't giving me any problems for 6+ months. I also cannot connect to several Brisques that we which are running some kind of flavor of Unix and trying connect to Appletalk. In the past I would restart the computer - it seemed to happen after I changed my IP address on the MAC so I guess I had to restart the network port or somthing. After I restart now I still get the error. I can connect to the Win2K box using Samba though.

Anyone have any suggestions?