Error 192 when mounting images


Every time I try mounting an image, the checkup works fine, but I get a 192 error when it start mounting it... the images are fine, since I can mount them in OS9, but I'm getting tired of restarting every time I need to mount an image, especially since so many OSX apps comes as images...
Anyone met a similar problem or knows how to resolve it?


I had that problem. It has to do with access privileges. You can log out and re log in as 'root' user and then they should work just fine. Also there is a way under the 'root' user to fix that problem. If i remember correctly you 'get info' on the harddrive and then set your options so anyone can 'read and write'. Something like that. But you have to make sure you copy the privileges to all folders (by clicking the 'copy' button)

Ok so its been a while since i had this problem. I dont remember exactly. But you should be able to search back thru and find posts that should fix this problem.