Error -44: Cannot bless startup folder



I am tryin to install OS X on a Dual MP 500Mhz G4 machine.
Booting with pressing C does not werk.
Booting to MacOS 9 and running the installer gives "cannot bless system folder startup disk may not boot. error -44"

I did the followng:

1. Checked the Disk for errors. TTP 3.01 and NDD nothing major.
2. Disk is not locked.
3. chcked for rom updates - but there are non...
It insists that it it may not boot...

any ideas ??

HELP ME out :(

Tal barenboim


My Dual MP 500mhz 40GB disk is partition as follows:

MacOS 9 - 35GB
MacOSX - 5GB

I created the latter specially for playing with OSX

is there a limitation for MacOSX PB to bless a folder
on MacOS9 that big ??



this is not the sulution to your problem - but a solution to a problem you'll probably will have in the near future: Apple recommends to install Mac OS X on the first 8 Gb of the main drive. Since you planned to have the first 35 Gb to OS9 you might not be able to run your OSX on the second partition.

Read more about this in the installation guide that came with your copy of X. maybe the 8 Gb limitation was only for Old world machines such as the beige G3:s