Error Code Fire/5/-49993


I have a G4/450DP, OS X 10.3.7, been running well on 10.3 for a year or more. The other day I installed Tiger on a partition of the hard disk to play with, but stayed with 10.3 for production work. Since then there are occasional kernel panics during normal operation (10.3), usually when the screensaver is active. There are also extended delays (several minutes) for some operations, usually involving the Finder.

In Tiger, there are strange application freezes. Sometimes a force quit will work, but often nothing happens. Then it is a reboot via the restart button because a software shutdown usually hangs.

Ran the Apple Hardware test CD. Quick test revealed nothing. Extended test gave

Logic board failed - Error code \"fire/5/-49993\"

After a lot of fiddling, and unplugging things, I unplugged the firewire plug going to the iPod dock. The extended test then succeeded.

Subsequently reconnecting it, and rebooting into 10.3 and Tiger did not appear to have any problems (although I did not do very much each time). The Extended test has not failed since.

With nothing but the keyboard and Apple mouse connected, I am still getting delays in 10.3.

Any ideas? It seems almost as if installing Tiger has altered something in the hardware or on my 10.3 disk, since it all worked well until I installed Tiger. Of course, that does not really explain why I am having problems with Tiger too. (But then Apple do warn against having more than one copy of OS X on a machine,,,)