error when double clicking files


Hi guys,

I'm on a G5 iMac, OSX 10.3.8. I have a LaCie firewire drive attached.

Having some trouble opening files via double clicking.

When I double click TextWrangler files I get this error:

"This Apple Event was unknown to the recipient and could not be processed (MacOS Error code: -1708)" File opens normally once I click OK in that error alert.

When I double click GraphicConverter files, they never open. No error.

When I double click Quicktime files, they open, no error.

I've tried booting from each disk, and running Disk Utility disk repair and permissions repair on both disks. Many permissions errors on one disk, all fixed. Reboot. No change in symptoms.

Here's a big clue. Above symptoms happen when logged in to one user, but not when logged in to another user.

Any theories or suggestions?

General disk maintenance suggestions welcomed as well.