Establishing Network With Telephone Line


Dear Sir,

I am trying to establish network connection using telephone line and i am unable to do this, so plz if you have any knowledge about or you know any site that will be helpful me to collect information about it, plz help me.

My MAC configuration is as follows:
Operating System:- Mac OS 9.22
Processor :- 350 Mhz
Memory : 320 MB
Power MAC G3 Computer,

Plz if you have any knowledge about it plz do help me.

Waiting for your quick responce,

Thanking you in anticipation,
Regards/ Raj Kumar Das
You need to go to the Apple Menu --> Control Panel --> Remote Access, and set it up from there. I'm sorry I can't give you more specifics, as I'm no longer using Mac OS 9.
I guess you mean dialup internet connection. You would need to get IP information and phone number from your provider and fill in the apropriate feilds.

Get a Control panel , FreePPP much better then Remote Access.

This Setup will help you.