Ethernet Cards Fried?


Just had a bad storm pass through the other day which knocked electricity out. It totally zapped our Belkin wireless G router (won't even turn on when plugged in), and now I suspect that the ethernet ports on our Emac and Powermac G5 1.8 are dead... Even with cables plugged in, the network port says that no cable is connected...

Is there a diagnostic for this?

If I have to replace ethernet cards, will anything work? Recommendations?

FYI, I bought a new Linksys wireless G router, and was able to unplug the ethernet cable that the emac didn't recognize and plug it into a Powerbook, and it worked fine. Don't think it's the cables..

Yeouch. It's quite possible that they are goners. Are the machines getting addresses? If not, have you tried setting IP addresses manually just to test the NICs? That way you can try pinging each of the Macs to one another. If that doesn't even work, then it looks like they might be fried.

On the G5, you can purchase a PCI network card that is compatible with Mac OS X. Most companies that make the PCI NICs might have the Mac drivers for them. just make sure that when you purchase it that it is supported under Mac OS X or that they provide the drivers.

Incidentally, did that storm go by the name of Katrina? We had her pass as a Cat 1 here in Miami, but she caused more damage than I ever thought a Cat 1 could ever do. I lost some data from the power outages, but was able to recover almost all of it. I thought it would be prudent to disconnect everything before the power actually went out completely.

My prayers are with those who might have to experience her as a Cat 5 (175 mph winds as of late). :(

Good luck.
thanks, i'll try pinging each with manual ip setups...

no, it was just a isolated thunderstorm, but it had a ton of lightning.

been watching katrina today... simply amazing. we live in southeast arkansas, so we'll see some of the after-effects. our church was able to help feed some of the evacuees from last summer's hurricane in the gulf, so we're getting ready to help again.

thanks for your input!