Ethernet Connection Problem


I have a brand new 12" Powerbook with 1.25 Gig Ram running the latest OSX Tiger. At home I have abroadband cable that runs to my desk top and that works beautifully. I also have a Linksys router and if connected through that it works well. The powerbook, however, is erratic about recognising that it has an ethernet connection and does not recognise the ISP or the internet. I have tried a number of ways to solve this including using all my desktop settings. The diagnostic tool on the powerbook gives up.

What should I do?

Does this router have wireless capabilities? Does your PowerBook have an Airport card in it? If so on both questions, this might be causing the problem, If you are going to be wired, then disable the airport card (if you have one) so that it doesn't conflict with the ethernet connection.

I've had situations where having both wireless and wired ethernet running at the same time on computers (both Mac and PC) causes problems (unless they are acting as routers themselves since both NICs would be on different networks, but I digress...:D).
About the Internet connection, ensure that your desktop is set up to share its Internet connection.