Question:My first install OS X gave me the option to edit configuration settings for two options in the Network Panel: Global TCP/IP and Built-in Ethernet. I would click on the option I wanted in a box on the left of the panel and then select the config for that option on the right(DHCP, Manual, etc.) A second install with the same disk now gives me no option for either Ethernet of Global TCP/IP, just options for Manual, DHCP or BootP configuration, i.e., no hardware options. Also, Appletalk doesn't ask me which port it wants to connect.

Earlier, with the first config options, I was able to install a script and use Airport (which popped us as Ethernet Card 1 in the box on the left portion of the Network Panel). Now I cant do that. Any ideas anyone?
Just some thoughts on what might have caused this. Did you reformat the hard drive when you reinstalled? If you did a reinstall without erasing your hard drive the install program might have removed the Airport card patch because it would come up as a corruption of the original install. I can't help you out too much because my computer an option like what you describe. I reinstalled without erasing my hard drive and it seems to have changed the control panel like it did to yours; however, I did not have the Airport hack on my system.

I don't know if this helps or not but I hope it will :),