Eudora lost everything after reinstall ...


Hello everyone
I was forced to reinstall mac os X after I killed it. So far, no problem. before deleting the HD, I copy my home folder. But after the reinstallation, eudora keep saying me "Sorry, but that doesn't seem to be a mailbox", and launch as if it has no preferences file. I have set my preferences and document folders back from the backup, and I don't see where eudora could have set its preferences ...

Can anyone help me ?


How do you launch eudora ? With an alias to the application ? Or with an alias to your Eudora setting file ?
Whatever, Eudora build two folders : one called Eudora Application Folder, with only the app and plugins and docs, another one called Eudora Folder, containing all your files (mailbox, folders, settings, etc.). This folder is by default created in the Documents folder of your User account.
There was some betas which refused to work if this second folder wasn't at this location. Check it.
If your Eudora Folder contains files like Eudora Settings, Eudora Settings.bkup, just try to open your mailbox by dragging it over the icon app.
If it works, Eudora will regognize now as a normal settings file.
If it dosn't work, try it with the backupfile.
If you can't find your settings file, but your mailboxes folders are still here, just try to create a new setting file with eudora, and put it in the Eudora Folder.
Hope one of this trick will work..


YES, I'm saved !
The problem was just that when I copy my home folder, type and creators were lost, and Eudora look at it to be sure the file is a mailbox.

Eudora is getting more and more integrated to mac os X (it is a .app now), but its file still don't use extensions.

Thank you for your help Rezba.